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Welcome to Crafted

Enduring World Vanilla+ Minecraft Server

Crafted SMP is a Enduring World Vanilla+ Minecraft Server which started on 13th September 2019. The server has grown and developed since then and has become a Minecraft home to a community of like minded, mature players who enjoy the vanilla game. We have some plug-ins to enhance the vanilla experience and to protect the server, but our goal is to keep it simple.

A sense of community is the basis of the server, we are here to relax, have fun and make friends. We have regular events to bring us together and get to know each other better. 🙌✨🎉

The philosophy of the server is based around our Core Principles:
  • Enduring world vanilla+ SMP
  • Freedom and accessibility
  • Minimal Rules; equality, trust and respect for all players
  • Community directed decisions
  • Light touch administration

🌎 Enduring world vanilla+ SMP

Right from the start Crafted has been committed to being a long term SMP server without seasonal resets. This means you can take your time and enjoy the process rather than building against the clock and watching all your hard work fall into the void. From time to time a reset may be necessary, however this will always be a community led decision and it doesn’t mean that everything will go to waste, as a community we decide how to preserve the history of our world.

We are committed to being and staying a vanilla SMP server. We have the typical quality of life improvements you might anticipate: One Player Sleep, Anti-Enderman Grief, Silence Mobs, Coordinates HUD, Double Shulker Shells and Dragon Drops Elytra… plus the following gameplay enhancements:

  • Mob and Player head drops
  • Custom armour stands
  • Decorative Heads Database

✌️ Freedom and accessibility

We know that everyone plays Minecraft differently, so on Crafted SMP we want you to play your way. There’s no restriction on what you can build and you are free to AFK to your heart’s content. You are welcome to use visual and quality of life client mods too. If ever you are not sure or you have an idea that you want to try, just ask and there will always be someone there to help.

⚖️ Minimal Rules; equality, trust and respect for all players

While we do have moderation and anti-griefing tools, as a close and trusting community we rely primarily on the honor system. As you would expect, treat everyone and their builds with respect. That means no griefing, no stealing and no pvp without consent.

🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏻 Community directed decisions

We believe every voice in the community counts. No significant changes happen to the server without input from the community and a community wide vote. Players that have been with us just a few days get the same vote as those that have been with the server since launch. Everyone is welcome to make suggestions or put forward an idea.

📜 Light touch administration

Staff on Crafted SMP play by the same rules as everyone else, they are here to support the community, not to police everything that happens on the server. Staff ensure player safety, maintain the hardware/software and manage the recruitment of new players… the players make everything else happen.

Server Information

🗺️ Server Physical Location: Germany
🔌 Server Type: Dedicated
💾 Server Memory: 64GB

Joining Crafted SMP

We are looking for active community focused players to join us and help us keep building and enhancing the server. If that’s you, simply fill in the 📝 application form and we’ll be in touch via Discord soon (remember to check and accept friend requests). We look forward to playing with you 😊

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