Help section

Useful commands

Servers commands

  • /trigger ch_toggle - toggle on/off the Cords Hud (information about player position in the world and server time).
  • /msg <user> <message> - send a private message to another user.
  • /afk - notify others in chat about your absence.
  • /hdb - open a GUI with heads database. Click on available heads to get them into your inventory.
  • /hdb search <word> - open a GUI with heads database with the search results for used phrase.
  • /nickname <new_name> - change your displayed name on the server.
  • /realname <player_name> - reveal the username of a player behind a nickname.
  • /trash or /disposal - open disposal GUI where you can put away all your junk (items are deleted for ever).
  • /dynmap [hide|show] - this will hide or show your character on the dynmap.